An Analysis of Pay-for-Performance Schemes and Their Potential Impacts on Health Systems and Outcomes for Patients

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Frailty and Associated Outcomes and Resource Utilization Among Older ICU Patients With Suspected Infection

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Why is it so hard to stop doing things that are unwanted, non-beneficial, or unsustainable?

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Outcomes and cost of patients with terminal cancer admitted to acute care in the final 2 weeks of life: A retrospective chart review

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Comparison of outcomes and costs between adult diabetic ketoacidosis patients admitted to the ICU and step-down unit

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Diagnosis of elevated intracranial pressure in critically ill adults: systematic review and meta-analysis

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Mortality and costs following extracorporeal membrane oxygenation in critically ill adults: a population-based cohort study

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Frailty and invasive mechanical ventilation: association with outcomes, extubation failure, and tracheostomy

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Hospital resource use and costs among abdominal aortic aneurysm repair patients admitted to the intensive care unit

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Preadmission antiplatelet use and associated outcomes and costs among ICU patients with intracranial hemorrhage

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Prognostic accuracy of the Hamilton Early Warning Score (HEWS) and National Early Warning Score 2 (NEWS2) among hospitalized patients assessed by a rapid response team

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Ethical failings of CPSO policy and the health care consent act: case review

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Do-Not-Resuscitate and Do-Not-Hospitalize Orders in Nursing Homes: Who Gets Them and Do They Make a Difference?

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Survey on Barriers to Critical Care and Palliative Care Integration

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Outcomes of hospitalized hematologic oncology patients receiving rapid response system activation for acute deterioration

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Tranexamic acid in cardiac surgery: a systematic review and meta-analysis (protocol)

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Pre-arrest and intra-arrest prognostic factors associated with survival after in-hospital arrest: systematic review and meta-analysis

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Economic evaluations of palliative care models: A systematic review

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Impact of Anticoagulation on Mortality and Resource Utilization Among Critically Ill Patients with Major Bleeding

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Dynamic assessment of fluid responsiveness in surgical ICU patients through stroke volume variation is associated with decreased length of stay and costs: A systematic review and meta-analysis

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Characteristics, outcomes, and cost patterns of high-cost patients in the intensive care unit

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Cost analysis of omega-3 supplementation in critically ill patients with sepsis.

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Emergency department disposition decisions and associated mortality and costs in ICU patients with suspected infection

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Factors associated with delayed rapid response team activation.

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Impact of nighttime Rapid Response Team activation on outcomes of hospitalized patients with acute deterioration.

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Necrotizing soft tissue infection: Diagnostic accuracy of physical examination, imaging, and LRINEC score: A systematic review and meta-analysis.

Ann Surg; Fernando SM, Tran A, Cheng W, Rochwerg B, Kyeremanteng K, Seely AJE, Inaba K, Perry JJ. 


Outcomes and costs of patients admitted to the intensive care unit due to accidental or intentional poisoning

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Prevalence, risk factors, and clinical consequences of recurrent activation of a rapid response team: A multicenter observational study.

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The impact of reducing intensive care unit length of stay on hospital costs: evidence from a tertiary care hospital in Canada

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Early vs. late tracheostomy in intensive care settings: Impact on ICU and hospital costs

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Cost analysis of noninvasive helmet ventilation compared with use of noninvasive face mask in ARDS

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Sepsis-3 septic shock criteria and associated mortality among infected hospitalized patients assessed by a response team.

Chest; Fernando SM, Reardon PM, Rochwerg B, Shapiro NI, Yealy DM, Seely AJE, Perry JJ, Barnaby DP, Murphy K, Tanuseputro P, Kyeremanteng K.


Neuroscience intermediate-level care units staffed by intensivists: Clinical outcomes and cost analysis

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Early renal replacement therapy versus standard care in the ICU

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Cost analysis of the very elderly admitted to intensive care units

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Critical care at the end of life: a population-level cohort study of cost and outcomes

Crit Care; Chaudhuri D, Tanuseputro P, Herritt B, D'Egidio G, Chalifoux M, Kyeremanteng K.




Effectiveness of an extended period of flashing lights and strategic signage to increase the salience of alcohol-gel dispensers for improving hand hygiene compliance 

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Approach to economic analysis in critical care

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The impact of palliative care consultation in the ICU on length of stay: A systematic review and cost evaluation

J Intensive Care Med; Kyeremanteng K, Gagnon LP, Thavorn K, Heyland D, D'Egidio G.



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