Episode 15

Fasting Part 1: Benefits of Intermittent Fasting, with Megan Ramos


Guest: Megan Ramos

Clinical Researcher, Therapeutic Fasting Expert, Co-Founder of The Fasting Method

Key Takeaways

• Megan Ramos, director of the Intensive Dietary Management Program, always had a complex relationship with food. Having been diagnosed with fatty liver and polycystic ovarian syndrome in her adolescence, she struggled to manage her health despite attempts at weight loss.

• One day, her friend, Dr. Jason Fung, recommended intermittent fasting, and her diet was never the same.

• There are many ways to fast, says Megan. It’s best to start slow, fast by skipping a single meal a day, and then gradually increase your fasting intervals.

• Ultimately, the way you fast depends on your body type, your goals and your overall health.

• Fasting has dramatic benefits supported by robust scientific literature, she says. She has seen dramatic reversals of chronic conditions such as diabetic retinopathy and hypothyroidism.

• Urged by their success, Megan Ramos and her partner, Dr. Fung, began to offer online, subscription-based courses on intermittent fasting. They offered everything from guides to one-on-one health coaching, and it has been incredibly successful.

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