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Laura Thompson

MSc, PhD Candidate

Laura is an epidemiologist (PhD 2019, expected) with fifteen years of public health and research experience.  She has worked for governments, research institutes, and non-governmental organizations in the areas of public health surveillance and epidemiology, vaccination campaign planning, community outreach, public health program design, and qualitative and quantitative research which has ranged from community-based participatory research to molecular epidemiology.


Her research interests include health equity, marginalized populations, social epidemiology, program science, and global political economy. Through her PhD dissertation, “Behaviours, Networks, and Sequences: HIV Epidemics Among People Who Inject Drugs in Pakistan”, Laura seeks to shift mainstream epidemiological thought by grounding behavioural, social network, and phylogenetic evidence about HIV epidemics in the  context of local social, historical, geopolitical, and policy realities.