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What is Resource Optimization Network (RON)?

Given our aging population and the gradually increasing healthcare costs, the sustainability of our healthcare system has become a growing concern. Based on analyses of healthcare expenditures, it has been estimated that 20% of all spending in the Canadian healthcare system occurs during the last year of life.  One of the major factors for this high cost is admission to the intensive care unit (ICU).  ICUs account for approximately 1% of GDP and 15% of total hospital costs. In order to sustain our healthcare system and maintain an acceptable quality of care and service provided to our patients in the future, it is important to reduce our current healthcare expenditures.


In order to reduce healthcare costs while maintaining (and improving) the quality of care provided to patients, we are forming the “Resource Optimization Network” (RON). RON will comprise experts from a variety of disciplines, we aim to improve the quality of care provided to patients while optimizing the use of resources and budget provided to the current healthcare system. The main objective of RON is to develop a variety of strategies to reduce overall healthcare costs without compromising the quality of care and establishing an online platform to provide evidence-based practices and care that is accessible to healthcare and allied health professionals.

RON's three main streams of research and practice are as follows:

1) Critical care;

2) Palliative care and end-of-life care; and

3) Human factors engineering.

The Team

Founder, MD, MHA, FRCPC